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For all your 'Need to know' rally information. 

Watch this page for info coming soon!

We're off to the Over the Edge Bash on the Isle of Wight on4th-7th May 2012. I'm sending apologies in advance! 

The JUGSTERS  split forces at the beginning of June! A contingent decended on the ANTELOPE Rally 3rd/5th June, while another drinking party headed to the SAND DANCERS  by Tyne Phoenix MCC way up north. So much drink and so little time! See rally revues on Events Page!

The JUGSTERS crew went to

'The Wobbly Goolies’

2nd 3rd September as a club rally.A great venue! We'll be back!
More warnings of where we are likely to appear will be posted here as they become available!

Jugsters hit the Oddballs Rally 23rd/25th Sept.

We did appologise before we left!

Write up coming soon on Events and Stuff !

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