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Bosted Bladder 2016 

Well. We've done it again!

Once again, a massive thank you to all the good folk who turned out for the Bosted Bladder 2016. 

Even though the weather was set to shite, a hardened bunch of rallyists fought through through rain, hail and the odd bit of snow to attend the Bosted. From all points of the compass they came. From Newcastle to the Isle of Wight, from Wales to East Sussex. This was unusual weather for the rally, as we normally get the good stuff for it. Our caterers were primed and ready for an influx of cold and hungry patrons though. So a big up to Lara and Wazoo catering for feeding the troops! Many of our new guests commented on the quality and diversity of the food which is  exactly what we had in the plan!

I'm glad to report that with our new security arrangement, our rallygoers  suffered no reported personal thefts that  blighted other rallies around the UK. We have even advised other clubs of our changes to hopefully deter this practice.

On to Friday night! Once our guests had rung their sodden clothes out and warmed up.. Great music was the key, with our DJ banging out some classic tunes for our punters. From AC/DC to ABBA- he really can work a dance floor, tailoring the music to the mood. Due to a double donation of booze bottles, we held a Jack Toss (throwing pound coins at a bottle of JD, nearest wins) before the band cranked up. 8 Foot Under played a blinding set of rock classics and a brilliant 50's rock and roll section, which even got the oldies up and dancing!

Saturday saw an improvement in the weather with less of the wet stuff and a bit 'o sun! This made life a bit easier on the rally virgins that had been offered up - but not much... Sat in a rocky puddle where the turf had been worn away, all manner of foodstuffs and other  "products" were splattered, smeared and thrown at them by our own Ginger Ninjas'  

Prior to this, one brave chap put in for a head shave for his club charity and also suffered at the hands of the Ninjas' They gave him a good old scare by firing up a chainsaw  behind him. I swear a bit of poo came out! The  "Do" they gave him was quite unique. A reverse Mohican.... Basically a two inch strip of hair removed from neck to forehead down the centre with another strip from the top to his left earhole, leaving a nice little combover effect! Another few minutes of hair japery saw his magnificent beard reduced to a great set of muttonchops.

On to the evening. Once again we were treated to some great tunes from our DJ and V8 played a blinder. We had yet more booze to throw money at for charity, but this time it was a litre of Scotch, so it was affectionately named 'The Jock Toss'. It was returned to the club by the winner, as he wasn't a drinker.... so we drank it for him. The things you have to do ey? More cash was raised for Nottingham Cancer Research by way of an auction containing some nice new helmets, and Four tickets donated by Pokey Hole for a rock weekend at Conkers worth a £100.00.

So,once again, our good friends from the rally circuit enjoyed a Bostin' weekend! Credits go to Martin and Mo from Wazzoo catering, Lara from the batch bar for feeding us. Our DJ, 8 Foot Under and V8 for entertaining us. Neatherseale Club and it's overworked staff for serving us and usual suspects Gary and Lucy for donating the JD bottle for the game. Biggest thanks go to all who braved the weather to support our venue and who donated so generously to this years charity drive. Totals will be published when it's all been counted.

Live Long & Ride!

 The Jugsters.



A great total was  raised by our wonderful supporters at our rally, parties and Birthday Bash last year. Without you guys, it could not happen! This charity is once again close to our hearts, as  two of our members have relatives suffering from this terrible affliction. Sadly, one of the victims is the daughter of Sue Emery, who passed away- herself from a brain aneurism. Sues' daughter is still fighting her condition with the help of a team of professionals and carers -as is Tony, the brother of another of our members. It is heartening that the biking community put so much into helping others less fortunate than themselves. Thank you all from the Jugsters.

Sue Emery

Rest in Peace 


It is our sad duty to inform you all of the loss of  Sue Emery, one of our own. Sue fell ill on Monday  16th of November and went into a coma. She was diagnosed with an aneurysm (bleed to the brain) and never regained conciousness. Doctors  turned off her life support on Wednesday 18th of November.

Sue was loved by all who knew her. Firstly she was a loving mother and Grandma, adored by her family and, young at heart, liked to get out and party with the best of them! She had a great, dry humour that always made you smile. Sue could dish out the banter as well as she took it. Usually within a split second she had an answer for any comment thrown her way.

The world is a little less bright and humorous without her. She will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Bab.... and when we get to you- it's your round!

 A big thank you to all who managed to get up the Kingswood on Saturday night for the Brain Tumour Support  benefit do. Well over a grand was made on the night- with more monies yet to be added! The bike was won on the first ticket drawn- by of all people- Tucker and Des from Neatherseal Club! Tuck sold the bike on and kindly donated a third of the cash the the charity. They also won a crash hat which they donated back for an auction which added another 53 quid to the pot!

All in, a great night. Special thanks to Crip, Jules and the bar staff. Gary and Lucy who came up from the Isle of Wight specially and supplied (as usual) the bottle of Jack Daniels for the Jack Toss. The Rooters for playing a blinding set of Rock Classics, and of course, all of our marvellous guests who helped to make a difference.

Well done everybody!     LL&R The Jugsters.


Come on down to the Kingswood Tavern and help us raise some money for a great organisation.... and you may be taking a motorcycle home with you!

Club Anniversary Party!

Come on down for a pint with us -or stop over!

See you there! 

Charity News 

A few weeks back at the club meeting, Russ, our resident scribbler brought up a proposal. He informed the rag tag gathering about Tommy Jardine, a young lad in his little hamlet that was very poorly. He told us that his parents and their friends were doing a sponsored assault course gig in aid of the local hospital charity funds. Now Russ put on his best sad puppy face, in the hope of garnering a fifty quid donation for the cause, not knowing at that point just how much the plea had softened us up! With a quick banter with the club and a nod from Hazel the Treasurer,  Barko the Chairman  signed a cheque for Five Hundred Pounds.  That's the first time I have ever seen Russ shut his gob.... after he had picked his jaw off the table...

So, friends and guests of our little do's - I would like to pass on the thanks of Adam and Amelia - and of course little Tommy and Tommy's Tigers, for your generous donations that help us spread a bit of happiness in the world. Well done all!

Well done Tommy's Tigers for raising over £2200 pounds for the endocrine unit in the  University Hospitals of Leicester.

Speaking for the Jugsters MCC and our donators, we wish Tommy and his family and friends all the best!

 The 21st Bosted Bladder Rally 2013

Well, we did it again! The 21st Jugster Summer rally was a great success! The faithful came, joined by new clubs and individuals from all over England and Wales to help us celebrate this milestone acchievement in rallying history.

The cold melted away and the skies cleared to give us the best weekend so far in 2013. With temperatures hitting 18 degrees on Saturday, the good folk of the rally circuit were ready to party without dressing for the Arctic! 

An unprecedented number of people descended on St Peter's Club Netherseal on Friday in a steady stream all day and evening to party. They were not disapointed! With sounds from Saskia on decks and two top notch cicuit bands for the weekend, the dance floor heaved once more under a packed crowd of happy bikers. Saturday saw more brothers and sisters join us in anticipation of our featured presentation - The Burlesque Show - featuring the Ladies of the Jugsters and their sexy dance routine! Saturday was a day crammed with amusements - not least the ritual humiliation performed by the Ginger Ninja's on TEN rally virgins!

 I don't know... and I don't want to know what was in the concoction that was poured, splattered and smeared over those hapless folk but it was not nice. Witness to the fact that one queasy soul blew chunks over the poor sod in front of them. You would think ten minutes of that would be enough.... Oh no. The Ninja's dressed in doctors scrubs surgically humiliated these souls for over half an hour! 

 In honour of Tapeworm Tim's 61st Birthday, he  was strapped into a set of stocks to be pelted with wet sponges but that was'nt enough for the Finger of Fudge lads. They had lashed up his trouser legs and filled his kecks up from the hose pipe! Care for the elderly eh!

The warm afternoon  drifted on with folk enjoying the cloudless sky and taking in the delights of the many stalls, two caterers and an outside can bar. Others took a walk through the pleasant village of Netherseal and enjoyed the local pubs and eateries that were on offer there.

Revving up for the night show featuring the Jugster ladies aka 'The Carnage Crew' and Black Country Rock created a great feelgood buzz. All were here and ready to partayyy!

The atmosphere was electric as Russ - our resident compare- stirred up the packed room and got everyone to donate into a bucket for Air Ambulance to get the girls on stage. Eventually, to thumping music, the girls appeared looking stunning in little sailor jackets and hats, sussies and heels.  They gave a polished dance routine to the delight of the audience and peeled a few items of clothing off before seductively  striding off stage. Twice more Russ gave the call and the girls appeared, to divest more items of clothing with ever more erotic dance moves- after more money hit the collection bucket.

Then, it was time for the finale'. Warned by Russ that some folk might find this obscene and it would hurt their eyes, the girls strode in to the thumping beat of Aerosmith's 'Dude looks like a lady' and melted into the crowd.... followed out by a ragtag mob of the Jugsters lads dressed in fat suits complete with nipple tassles, thongs, stockings and suspenders and full makeup! The faces of the punters was a picture! We were then treated to one of the most hilarious sights ever witnessed- a troupe of great galumping bikers trying to dance sexily and sexually attacking anyone who got close! I knew it was coming and I still nearly 'PMSL' ed. Truly brilliant. To all their credit, the girls and guys raised over £280. 00 in half an hour!

Hilarities over, the night then progressed into a bit more charity fund raising with a toss the pound at the Jack bottle and a speed raffle, followed by a bostin' set by Black Country Rock. I swear to God, I'd wager the dancing in that club must have registered on some earthquake sensors the other side of the planet!

All too soon, it was time to wrap up the proceedings and wander out to the bonfire again chat with old and new friends about the great time that was had by all. I suppose we'll have to do it all over again then...

Many thanks to all who made it to a great rally, to the traders on site and off who serviced our guests, to Netherseal Club for having us and to our club members who made this a truly memorable occasion. I salute you all!

Gray. Chairman, Jugsters Mcc.

A Tribute to Kevin and Carol Byrne 

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the tragic deaths  of Kevin and Carol Byrne. They lost their lives as they rode home from the Bosted Bladder on Sunday 21st of April 2013 to Powys, Wales. Their VMax was in collision with a Vauxhall Astra, whose occupants sustained only minor injuries.

A married couple with two children in their twenties, Kevin and Carol loved the rally scene and enjoyed going to rallies all over the UK. They loved to see the Bands and having the craic with other bikers, as do we all.

 From reports on the web, we have learned not just how it has affected their families, but the whole of their local community. Kevin 48, the son of a previous Mayor of the town, threw himself wholeheartedly into he local carnival and other civic entertainments. He also had been the coach of a local schoolboy team for many years. Carol 49, was also in the public eye and worked in charities for many years. It was commented that their deaths had left a gaping hole in the Powys parish and that it would never seem the same without them.

Some of our members and rally guests had partied with them over the weekend and commented what nice people they were. They had a great time at the Bosted Bladder, as did all of our guests. I recall waving them off on the Sunday morning, but the only contact I had with them was on their arrival on Friday. Kevin's VMax was the talking point at the control tent. A beautiful custom job  sporting a 300 tyre on the rear. He was very proud of his trophy winning bike.

So, please, if anyone knows Kevin or Carol's families- Please pass on the deepest condolences of the Jugsters Mcc and be assured: They loved the life they lived and they partied until the last

Rest in Peace.


Over the last three weeks we have held TWO charity cheque presentations at the Kingswood Tavern Nuneaton. 

With the help of our big hearted friends in the biker community  and the regulars of the Kingswood we have provided worthy causes with the handsome sum of over TWO THOUSAND POUNDS! 

In the  last week of  February we handed over £880 to the  SHINE charity who help children with encephalitis, a condition which causes swelling of the brain, causing many other problems the sufferers have to deal with. A very worthy cause you must agree.

Then on the 9th March we met with Roger, a representative of the Dystonia Society for which we have collected over the last 18 months. Now, our rep to the society hadn't even told them the sum that we were giving  them... so they were blown away when we presented them with a cheque for £1200.00. It was a great night and yet another worthy cause got some very useful funds.

All the funds were raised at our rallies  and pub functions by YOU (and we chucked some in and rounded stuff up) and we thank you deeply for your generosity. Long may we continue to make a difference!

Gray. " A big thank you to all who helped us to make a difference" 

Trojan Brotherhood's Egg Run a success.

Once again, the Trojan Brotherhood organised a brilliant Charity Egg Run for local deserving causes . 

Clubs and lone riders converged on the Kingswood Tavern car park from 11 am Saturday 30th March bearing Easter eggs for the local children and the elderly. On a bitter cold morning, the barbecue  set out on the hard standing was a welcome sight dishing out reasonably priced burgers and sausage batches. Monster, Pres of the Trojans was still red eyed from peeling over three hundred onions he reckoned! The egg count was rising as people just came by to donate- a truly good atmosphere was in place.

At 12.30 sharp about 80 engines barked into life and we set off for a steady rumble over to the University Hospital in Coventry. On cue, old Mother Nature showed her hand and gave us a right little blizzard of sort of half snow- half hailstone type lumps... and they bloody hurt at 50mph in an open face helmet! On arrival at the hospital I scraped about a pound of the stuff from between my cutoff and my jacket- nice.

 After a meet with some staff, the eggs were duly distributed by a contingent of the bikers present to the children's wards and the kids A&E department. They were well and truly recieved with thanks. Then, back on the bikes for the next port of call. We must be doing something right as good old Ma Nature backed off on us and gave us a nice dry ride back to Nuneaton. Up to the George Elliot hospital then for another eggfest for the kids wards. Even the sun came out for us as we waited in the car park. It must have been all of... ooh,  two degrees!

Our last port of call, after a nice rumble through the town centre, was the Ramsden Centre home for the elderly. Yet another batch of eggs was dispatched into the home, much to the delight of the residents. This one has always been on the agenda since the Trojans instigated it some five years back. Some of the hardier residents even came out in the cold to chat with us and have a look at the bikes- regailng us with stories of their own biking days in years gone by.

With everybody happy, we retreated to the Kingswood for some hot food and cold beer. The festivities continued on through the evening and with the band Big Guns kicking out a great set, a good time was had by all.

The estimated total of eggs donated was around 250! Well done all who participated in such a good cause.

       The Frozen Bladder Rally 2013 

Well, once again, the brave and the confused made their way down to our post crimbo bingeathon. Normally a chore at this time of year but Old Ma Nature sure put a show on this year! Five inches of snow on the ground and another eight promised...

 Admittedly we have relaxed the no cars rule because at this time of year, a lot of sane people SORN their bikes- or like us, are too crocked to ride 'em this weather! After all, being a biker is in your head and heart not just in what you ride- and we like to see as many as possible!

So they came. Special heads up to the guys from Manchester on their combo's- big respect lads! The festivities were curtailed slightly by the fact that the bonfire wood never turned up... or either of the bands we had booked... (see Manchester bikers mention- who's wussy now!)   but to be frank it actually added something to the party. It was a lot more up close and personal and made for a great- if small affair

We salute you for your valiant efforts in supporting the Frozen Bladder Rally. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a safe journey home!

The Weasel Rideout 2012

As is tradition, a rag-tag bunch of Jugsters and friends rode out on the first week of November on the wet and leaf strewn backroads to Castle Donnington. A  glass was raised in the yearly homage to a fallen member, lost six years past, at a tavern in the village. Amazingly, we only got slightly lost once on the trek with bikes careening al over the road to do " U' ey" on a bypass slip road- much to the delight of motorists vying to get a big new bonnet ornament on their cars. Still, we all made it!

After a cold ride back to Crip's gaff, we partook in 'several' beverages along with  other club members who could not make the rideout due to commitments. We were also joined by Weasel's family, which is always a pleasure to see and keep in touch with. 

I seem to recall the last of us standing crashed onto the bench seating around 3.30 am in our sleeping bags to get a few hours kip for the AGM meeting.

 In all a good day, with chance to honour a 'compadre' ( or Pard, as we all say) and  a chance to catch up with each other in a relaxed atmosphere with no duties to perform!

The Jugsters AGM 2012

Well done club for a great turnout at the AGM. A big  thanks  to all of  the committee for all their efforts in the last year(s) and a well done to all who stood for positions on this years committee. You showed great dedication to keep this club the great organisation that it is. On the charity front, we have raised over three thousand pounds for good causes. 

Long may we get bladdered together!

Gray (still!)  Chairman.

28th Jugsters Mcc Birthday Party.

 The Jugsters held the Birthday party/bash at Netherseal on the 20th Oct. 2012. As usual, it got a bit messy with just a little too much Honey Jack Daniels flowing and some great home made chow provided by some of the members. Music was provided by the Gatecrasher- one hell of a band if you need some good rally entertainment! (See Crip) 

But before we got mashed, we remembered to hand out two cheques for six hundred quid each to the Air Ambulance and Acorn- a support charity for parents of children with limited lifespan. A big thanks to all who have helped us raise money this year. Hope to see you all out there soon!

The Jugsters Mcc Charity Halloween Party

 Held on the 27th Oct 2012 at the Kingswood Tavern. Another great night ensued at the Kingswood (no surprise there then!) where we received a lot of great support from local bike clubs, independent riders and the fantastic big hearted regulars of the Tav. An excellent turnout of folk in fancy dress dancing to disco and the brilliant Nightstalker and support band. Food was supplied by Crowhill butchers and raffle prizes supplied by local businesses , members, ex-members and the public. The grand total for the night made £840.00- and we have totals from other events to add to it! The monies raised will be going to the Dystonia Society and Shine- in aid of children born with Hydrocephalus.

In total over the last year, we have raised £1,840 to be divided for the two charities and a further £1200.00 generated for other deserving causes. A grand total of over Three Grand!

A big  thanks- once again, for all the help we have received to make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate.

Odd Balls Rally 2012 

We arrived at 6pm  to find that the usual mega sized bunny holes had mostly been filled in by the H&S conscious members of the Club, thanx guys, much appreciated!!! 

The entertainment was excellent on both nights, and the lady with the lighted balls managed to put on a good show, even after spending much of the day trying out the local hostelries in Whem, well done you!

The weather was kind which always helps and a good time was had by all, ops both of us…….we think????????? (as usual we can't remember too much), well, nobody gave us any dirty looks which was promising, so we must have been on our best behaviour, Cheers Odd Balls.  

Simon and Chippy

                                                              The Funeral


Ian (Bean) Sturgess

The funeral of Ian (Bean) Sturgess took place on 22nd August 2012 at Bretby Crematorium. The club would like to say  a huge thankyou to all the clubs and individual riders who turned out to make the day a fitting tribute to our fallen brother. Thanks also go to Ian's family for allowing the Jugsters and the biker community to play such a large part in the ceremony and proceedings. Also, to Tuck , Des and all the staff at St. Peters Club Neatherseal for all the hard work they put in to make this sad day special for all of the mourners.



Come and join us for a night of fun and frivolities at The Kingswood Tavern on Saturday October 27th 2012 in support of:- Shine  -for children with Hydrocephalus  and The Dystonia Society, for people with a neurological disorder causing spasms and paralysis- both extremely worthy causes. Fancy dress is optional with a Monsters, Heroes and Villians Theme . There will be hot food, disco and TWO bands!  There will be a raffle, the old Jack Toss and hopefully an auction. Lets make this a fun night and raise some money for good causes! Remember to load up with loads of WONGA at your local ATM en route to the Tavern !!  

Admission £2..50 on the door. All profits go to the two charities equally


Frozen Bladder 2012 

Well, yet again, we pulled it off! Over a hundred brave souls weathered the minus 8 climate to come and party hearty with us! As a bonus, we raised over £400 for our chosen charity , the Dystonia Society, thanks to the generosity of our guests. Hope every one had a great time. If you did, tell your friends. We may do it all over again next year!

Ride to the Wall 2011 

Jugsters attended the 2011 Ride to the Wall at the National Arboretum at Alrewas , Staffs. An estimated 15,000 bikers attended the forth annual rideout to the spectacular memorial in brilliant sunshine on 1st October- in a day more reminicent of mid summer. In the past three years since the ride was established, nearly £100,000 had been raised for the upkeep of the memorial to the fallen sevice personel since WWII. This ride should provide another £60,000 to add to the total.

 A moving sevice was held at the foot of the mount that carries the wall by a Parka clad Chaplain of the Mod persuasion! Tributes were paid to the biking fraternity by the patron of the RTTW charity and the chairman of the National Arboretum for being the largest single donator and visitor groups since the venue was created! Next year is the fifth  anniversary rideout. Be a part of it and enjoy the spectacle, feel the pride of contributing to a worthy cause and the knowledge that you live in a democracy protected by people that are prepared to lay down their lives for freedom.

A Big thanks from Jack! 

Last year at the Bosted Bladder, you guys started the ball rolling to raise funds for little Jack Oldacres. You gave £600.00 and spurred us on to raise even more. With a little auction at our birthday bash and some games we got it up to £800.00. Then we got greedy! We had a fundraiser at the Kingswood Tavern (Crips pub) and finally happy, we handed over a cheque for THREE THOUSAND POUNDS.

So well done everyone. Between us we have made a difference to little Jacks life. Mum and Dad plan to have a wet room installed in their house to make his twice daily bathing routine a little more comfortable for him.




Jack Oldacres Update 12 June 2011.

Nuneaton Carnival. Braving normally Sping weather- aka persistant rain and high winds- several of the Jugsters and friends  joined in with the Netherton's Syndrome fund raisers to walk the course, along with Churchill on his trike. Little Jack was supposed to be on board, taking his first bike ride, but with the inclement weather it was decided not to be. Choice of fancy dress was famous people, ably impersonating Ozzy, Angus, Pinhead and many more. God bless 'em they were bloody wringing wet an hour before kick off. Considering the weather, turnout was fair, raising much needed money for local charities. Jack's team won third prize in their category. Better luck next year!

Sand Dancers Rally 2011

Tyne Phoenix MCC 

By Gray.

Set off from Sunny Nunny at 4.30 on Friday evening. Due to work constraints I had had to leave well after the first wave of Jugsters that headed the 200 mile North journey. The lone sojourn  that I had planned was happily broken by the addition of an old mate of mine on his Buell. It was a beautiful evening, and spurred on by Micks HD rollerskate, I pulled out all the stops on VTX. With two gas stops and - shall I say- blatent disregard for British speed limits, we rolled onto the site near South Shields just after 8pm.

And what a site! Positioned on a spit of land poking out from the East coast, it gave you a 180 degree view of the North Sea (see the Tyne Phoenix website) Elevated aound 50 feet above sea level we had a glorious sunset just after pitching up. Looking up the site, the skyline is dominated by the Souter Point lighthouse- decommisioned some years ago and now serving as a museum and tea rooms I believe. There was a good three hundred or so folk there already, enjoying the trad ales laid on in the massive marquee- and who can blame them at two quid a pint! Time to make pigs of ourselves!

The evening went all too quickly as they do when you're a late arrival, but the local bikers are a friendly, warm hearted bunch and it was'nt long before new aquaintainces had been made.

Around the witching hour, the rigours of the day caught up with me. Having a bad night's sleep Thursday, a full days work and a 220 mile ride, I was feeling a little jaded to say the least. So off I wobbled to the tents- carefully avoiding the cliff edge, which to be fair, was adequately coordened off. A few slugs of Jack and a bit of wordplay with the lads and we struggled into our bags. Mecifully, the Sandman entered and shut me down in seconds.

Saturday morning came soon enough, with a stiff westerly wind smashing a tent pole into my face! Mind you, losing half the guy pegs did'nt help as it tried to flatten itself against the ground. Wiggy kindly informed me of the time, after half an hours chuntering with Mick, that "It's half past five in the fuckin' morning! Shut the fuck up!" etc. etc. Bowing to his gentle rebuff  I nodded off for a couple more hours until the sound of Doug rattling his kettle brought me round.

We surfaced into a cold grey world- the previous evenings glorious weather a pleasant memory. Most of the crew were up, save Dink and Shazza, who looked as if dynamite would be the only solution for extraction. Big Dave and Gill were extolling the virtues of the green army surplus fleece shirts they had bought from one of the stall traders the previous evening at a fiver a pop. Needless to say, a stampede to the shop ensued as soon as the flap went up. I think we cleaned out the entire rack and I scored a nice black M1 jacket for twenty notes. Butler went one better and grabbed a nice fleece lined cammo parka for twenty five quid, God I love these northern prices! 

So... What to do on a cold and windy day? Russ had shot off around eight to visit some relatives who lived a stone's throw from the site. He had arranged to meet his cousin in town for 'a little drink' around noon. Well it would be rude not to tag along and see some of the local colour, so we decided to make an outing into South Shields for the day.

Now, being law abiding citizens,we decided against tearing into town on the bikes as we are aware of how a sniff of the bar towel can affect us. So picture the scene of around twenty bikers waiting at a windswept bus stop and the look on the drivers face as he pulled up! Then ensued ten minutes as we bartered for the best price return tickets, the friendly locals looking less friendly by the minute. All was well though as Steely went into his banter and had the whole bus in fits of laughter. It made short work of the circuitous route that buses take into South Shields.

We alighted onto the sea front to find not only a great, modern promenade, but a funfair that we would utilise later! Russ strode off into town and took us to the boozer he had arranged the meet in. Now this is where we fell in love... A pint for £1.79- heaven.

So followed a seven hour bender with a food break in there somewhere. Big Dave arrived with a pair of huge Elvis style sunglasses for Steely's birthday present- I'm talking a foot across here- which he ably put to use once unleashed on the town. There is a surviellance video at Specsavers in South Shields where a big drunken blonde biker staggers in to complain about the glasses they sold him, followed by a counter staff girl almost wetting herself laughing at the er.. spectacle before her.

We worked our way back, pub by pub to the sea front until we came to the funfair. In hindsight, not a good choice after a gut full of ale, but hey ho, what the hell. To cut a long story short, a couple of reasonably priced lunches got lost on the waltzer, - I never knew Big Dave could turn so green, and we managed to write off one of the dodgems- curiously with Steely in it. Luckily there was another boozer by the bus stop, so we nipped in for a livener before going back to the site. We befriended two sisters in their eighties at the bus stop and kept the passengers entertained with some rowdy chat on the journey. It was only right that we got the whole bus to wave them off at their stop with a blast of the horn off the driver. Lovely people...

Back at the site with the sun going down... Not that you could see it for the leaden clouds scudding over. We gave it our best shot to have some more ale and managed a couple of pints before cramming twelve of us into Steely and Dinks tent. It was really biting with the sun gone and that stiff coastal breeze getting to your bones. So we had a couple of bottles of bourbon between us and a banter with the band playing in the background. We called it early- around 11pm because we had the club meet at 1 pm the next day with a good ride ahead of us.

All in all - a great rally. I think we will be there next year! Hope to see you there too!

MAG Action Day 25th Sept. 2011 


A great turnout nationwide by the protest organised by MAG, to voice our concern over the new draft of regulations proposed by the Brussels beurotwats.

 Our start was at Corely Services on the M6, after riding over from the Oddballs Rally in Shrewsbury. We were a little the worse for wear , given it was a brilliant weekend-as usual, and were heartened by the sight of a growing band of bikers roaring in to participate.

Estimated at around 500 strong, we bimbled on to the motorway at 40 miles an hour, aided by some very nice policemen who stopped the traffic for us. It did go a little tits up, as we were supposed to stay in the left hand lane, but with dander up, the more militant among the group decided "Screw em!" and took all the carriageway to run a rolling roadblock- much to the dismay of the organizers.

At the end of our run, to Rugby, a goodly few turned onto the M1 and joined the convoy going down to the Watford Gap.  All told, an estimate of 45,000 bikes turned out across Britain to do the protest run. At press, the Eurotwats are starting to take notice and have opened a dialogue with concerned parties. Lets hope that they will see sense and back off from the draconian anti tamper laws, type approval and compulsory day-glo jackets etc. etc.

We know go slow protest works but do not over use it. See what Brussels comes up with. If we don't like it- anyone fancy London on a Monday morning?

 The Frozen Bladder Experience.

A big thankyou to all who made it to the Frozen Bladder Rally in January. It was great to see old friends and meet some new ones! A good time was had by all and we had some brilliant bands on.

For those riders who have not braved the winter rally scene yet- ours is considered to be the springboard to the season.

OK- it's cold, damp, occasionally torrential and/or windy/snowy but I'm sure you'll find a way to keep the cold out!  I find Uncle Jack helps...

Come and join us next year for a great experience amongst friendly (and slightly crazy) biker folk.                

 Market Place

If anyone wants to put an ad on this page, e-mail Gray with details FOC and we'll do our damnest to flog it for you! graybarnes@fsmail.net


Congratulations Claude!

Some of the lads with Claude at his 40th Birthday Party. A great night up at the Boot at Ibstock. Gray presented him with an original GREASER patch, handed down from previous Chairman, Dumpy. To give Claude his due, he had been laid low with a stomach bug but still managed to crawl down the boozer! That's a Jugster! 

Nice one Pard!

Egg Run a cracker! 

The Trojans Easter egg run on Sat. 9th of April was a great turnout. Around 70-80 riders rode out from the Lamb and Flag Nuneaton to ride to the Senior Citizens home in Camp Hill to deliver 45 eggs to residents. Then on to Rushden School for the Blind at Ash Green Coventry to drop off another 30 eggs. Then it was back to the Flag for a pint, a good burger at a quid a head and a party running into the night. With plenty of eggs left over, they will be donated to the Caldwell special school in Nuneaton.

Mr Creature's Any Spare Change Rally.

The Jugsters landed at Creature's bash, 13th to 15th May down Peterborough way. Decked in garish Hawiaan shirts we were on on mission to give Alex a memorable 'goodbye freedom' do on his Stag Weekend. It did'nt take long to decend into our usual stupor, dragging normally abstinent Alex with us!

 A cracking site with a huge marquee and some trader stands, we set about our task of getting people to 'remember' us... It was great to meet up with a load of our old mates- some not seen for a good while, and meet new folks and offend them- teehee!  Memorable moments include Crip trying to eat a massive slice of cake after about ten pints of scrumpy and wondering where it all went as the club members dived in like a shoal of pirana's  teeth first! Steely managed to disgrace himself as usual- this time by "sharting" n.b. (the act of passing wind and following through) Picture walking in the bog and seeing Dashing Dave trying to dry his arse with a wall blower- not a pretty sight... For me, the most hilarious vision was normally dour Duggie dancing on a table, swinging a chain round his head ( we had used earlier in some bondage involving Alex), completely off his tits!

All in all a great weekend, but with a couple of down points. No catering until 8.30 in the morning! Are you havin' a larf? Not even a cuppa? And when we got some brekky I thought they'ed given me a dirty plate- such was the meagre amount on the sad paper item for-with a batch and a cuppa -FIVE QUID! Good truckstop though five mins down the road at Whittlesea on the 605 east.

 Alex and Sioned's Wedding Day.

IT'S HERE!  Such was it a cracking day- we've dedicated a whole page to it! Written by Russ, it gives you an insight into the fun and frolics had by all. ENJOY!

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