Jugsters Mcc


Purchase your Rally tickets via Paypal here, Pre booked price is £15.00  plus p& p

25th Bosted Bladder Rally 2017

£ 15.00 

Hi everyone, the time for our yearly Bosted Rally comes ever nearer, so, tickets are now available to purchase via Paypal or the old fashioned way via the post. As it's the 25th Bosted Bladder Rally we even have commemorative T-shirts available, they are £10.00 each, usual sizes available, small, medium etc. and can be ordered via Paypal when purchasing your tickets, or by advising me how many, and what size you'd like if your posting your requests don't forget to include payment. 
However PLEASE order before 14/03/17 so that we can have your T-shirts ready for you to collect at the booking in tent when you arrive.


25th Anniversary T-Shirts

£ 10.00 

Order your 25th Bosted commemorative T-Shirts here, when ordering your tickets.

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