Jugsters Mcc

(A Potted History, as recounted by a Senior member!)


Picture the scene, one evening, back in the dim and distant past. October 1984 to be exact, a bunch of idiots were sitting in a pub called “The Moores Arms” in the village of Norton Juxta Twycross, just off the A444 between Nuneaton and Burton-upon-Trent.

This motley assortment consisted of the following people,  Murdoch, Bala, Crock, Donna, Fraser and David Vickers. This group of friends decided to form a club dedicated to one of their favourite pastimes, namely drinking.
This “club” was christened the 'Norton Juxta Drinking Club' and henceforth the clubs Birthday has been celebrated on the last weekend in October.

Their other passions were motorbikes and rallies. Then,( they decided to combine all three of these things and their fledgling motorcycle club was iborn.
n what was possibly the only rational decision
ever u

ndertaken in the history of this club

!The club name was conceived by Murdoch and Crock on an unspecified evening, as a corruption of the original drinking clubs birthplace whilst they were well under the influence of alcohol. The word Juxta was slurred into Jugsters and the name was born! The club patch was designed to commemorate its origin as a drinking club and features a gold tankard on a scarlet background.The first official business carried out after the formation of the club was to elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

(It was decided by the Founder members that the Chairman should be Murdoch and Crock as Vice-Chairman because he was the complete package as fucking idiots go!) (to keep Murdoch out of trouble!)

Due to the sorry fact that this inglorious rabble were ineptly led by an even bigger idiot, some of their jaunts around the country in search of rally sites, were almost always doomed right from the start!
 These forays out into the wide world, bikes laden with tent, doss-bag & booze didn’t always, shall we say, go quite to plan! More often than not, these trips away ended up with our hapless heroes going round & round in circles or ending up slap bang in the middle of nowhere!
Yet again, over a few pints 
the phrase “JUGSTERS M.C.C. ON TOUR (oh shit!) LOST AGAIN!” was adopted as the club motto and a suitable motif was created. This design is the one that is displayed on the front of the tee-shirts & hoodies.

In the beginning, the original members & guests used to head off on the 3rd weekend every April to a place in the Cotswolds called Lechlade, where they used to pitch up & party for the weekend. After a few years of this they decided to organize their own rally on this date. This inaugural rally needed a name, so it was decided to give it the title, “The Bosted Bladder” in honour of a phrase used by all of the original members.

When asked upon the morning after the night before, as to whether they had enjoyed a good evening on the piss, the usual reply was “yep, my bladders about bosted.”

Over the interceding years, most of the faces have changed, but the club has not just continued, but thrived. Even though it now no longer resides at its birthplace (The Moors Arms is now a private residence owned by two ... er... gentlemen)  Members have come and gone, some have passed away, sorely missed by those that knew them, some have returned after being absent for a while (not the dead ones... ed.). (Seeing as they are Jugsters, they probably couldn’t find their way back to the meeting place!) 

But, as everyone who knows us will vouch for, the core values of the club remain the same; these are, in no particular order, knowing how to drink like a fuckin’ fish, party like there’s no tomorrow & have the innate talent to, at the drop of the hat, get well and truly, utterly and totally fuckin’ lost within four hundred yards of their own front door!

 Written expertly by Russ.

The Greaser Patch.

An Account of the history of the patch to Gray Barnes by Dumpy (Kev Starkey) a previous club Chairman.

Foreward: The Greaser patch is an honorary patch to show that somehow-and God knows how- the man is an active member of the biker community that has attained the age of forty and over. This patch is not to be confused with a bottom rocker of a back patch club. It has been rattified by the "Big Two" in England and should not be construed as such.

It all began some fifteen years ago at Allen Newcome's stag party in his home village of Great Haywood near Stafford. After a bostin' evening of imbibing huge quantities of alcohol, a motley crew of the Jugsters entered the last pub of the evening ( It may have been the Queens or something similar, recollections are dimmed by booze and time...)  The jovial landlady commented that they "looked like a bunch of Greasers" as the grizzled and drunken bunch were in their forties and it was a saying pulled out of her recollections from the sixties Mods and Rockers period. Well that was the seed set. The tag stuck and the lads started calling each other Greaser! Within weeks the legend was formulated and produced as a silver on black patch in Old English script. It was'nt long before the patch was noticed and questions were asked about being a back patch club, but these were soon allayed by a couple of visits to concerned parties. The function of the club is simple... Ride free, meet great people and get wankered with them!

 It started as the "Jugsters Seven" with the compliment of Allen, Kev, Steely,Weasel, Butler, Crip and Doug, but as these valiant beer monsters attained the age of 50, gold patches were made and the original silver patches were handed down to other younger members.

 As the years have gone by, the patch has become a symbol of being a mature biker in the club and is recognised by the biker comunity as a licence to party! BEWARE!  Apparently, there are those out there who have taken to wearing greaser patches in some vain hope that they can live up to the legend created by the "Seven." Unless there is a drunken idiot on the front of it wearing the scarlet roundel with a gold tankard emblazoned on it- you have a ringer on your hands. EXCEPT NO IMITATIONS! ONLY A REAL JUGSTER WILL DO!

 Scan taken from the original drawing, depicting the image on the Jugsters hoodies/ sweatshirts/ t shirts / tit tops. Featuring Murdoch, Balla and Fraser.

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