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(So, don't blame us if you get pissed, fall over, and get hurt!!!  We can't be responsible for ourselves let alone you too!!  LOL)

You are TOTALLY 100% responsible for your kids Please don't leave them to run wild once you get onto the site, you WILL be asked to leave should they cause a disturbance because you haven't chaperoned them properly!!

That being said, we do want everyone to enjoy themselves! SO, Party on down dude!!!

 Hi everyone, the time for our yearly Bosted Rally comes ever nearer, so, tickets are now available to purchase via Paypal or the old fashioned way via the post. As it's the 25th Bosted Bladder Rally we even have commemorative T-shirts available, they are £10.00 each, usual sizes available, small, medium etc. and can be ordered via Paypal when purchasing your tickets, or by advising me how many, and what size you'd like if your posting your requests don't forget to include payment.  However PLEASE order before 14/03/17 so that we can have your T-shirts ready for you to collect at the booking in tent when you arrive.

Go to the "Buy your Rally tickets here page !"

Well' that's Christmas over and done with... Time to look forward to a new season of Biker fun. If you are itching to get out , then the Chilly Bladder Party is just the ticket.   Come and have a pint or six with us . It's not a rally- so get here how you want- even bring your sleeping arrangements with you to get the full effect! See you there!

Jugsters Mcc

On Tour (oh shit!) Lost Again! 

We're Drinkers with a Bike Problem!


Welcome to the Official Jugsters Mcc Information Site. You can get the latest updates on our rally venues, dates and other bike related issues with the club.



Getting pissed in a field since 1984.

Come and join in the fun and don't forget to bring your Rally Virgins! The Ginger Ninja's are waiting for them...

You can now order your tickets with Paypal !

For the uninitiated, Jugsters Mcc was formed in 1984 by a small band of drunken idiots, with the sole purpose of enjoying the bike scene and all that goes with it. Not a great fan of biker politics, the format has stayed the same- with the sole intention of having a good time with great people! Members have come and gone- some sadly forever... but the appeal of the club has remained and with an ever growing circle of friends in the biker community, we continue to stage some cracking rallies and get out there to party with other clubs.

Ride safe and free!

Well' that's Christmas over and done with... Time to look forward to a new season of motorcycle orientated fun. If you are itching to get out amongst like minded individuals, why not give the Chilly Bladder Party a go? Blow away the post Crimbo blues and come and have a pint or few with us . It's not a rally- so get here how you want- even bring your sleeping arrangements with you to get the full effect! See you there!

The Bosted Bladder Rally 2015 

I'd like to put out a big thank you from all the Jugsters and me for the great turnout at the Bosted Bladder 2015. I know a lot of people look at the Bosted as the season opener- and by crikey, what an opener! We had everything. Good people- and lot's of 'em, Brilliant weather, Great facilities and traders, a bar staff beyond the call of duty and plenty of laughs and fun. Big up to the Ginger Ninja's (Chairman Barko and Shaz) , our long suffering Virgins (34 minutes) and the rest of our crew for putting in the hard labour that makes the magic happen.

I might sound like a busted record, but I have to say it again. It's the good folk who come to our rally that makes it a continuing success story. We put a roof over your head and give you entertainment, but YOU make the Bosted Bladder what it is! On top of that, together, we make a difference by raising funds for worthy causes. This year is for The Brain Tumour Trust. We will announce the total on the website when our bean counter has totted up.

So, finishing up. Have a great rally season. I think between us, we have set the bar! LL&R Gray


The Chilly Bladder Party 2015

The Jugsters would like to thank all our friends that attended the Chilly Bladder Party. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! It was great to see so many clubs and individuals ready to party. It's been a long, cold winter so far and we have missed the Frozen Bladder as much as some of you guys. Having a 'bit of a do' in February seemed to make more sense. We all have had to pay for Christmas and we've dodged the snow, so we're all thinking this might be the way to go! Thanks to your generosity, we've actually covered most of the cost of the gig and of course we have between us, managed to raise some charity money for the Brain Tumour Trust. This is poignant to us as we have two members who have relatives with this terrible affliction and we will publish the total when the Bean Counter (aka Hazel) has done her thing. 

We hope our catering was satisfactory as several members put a lot of work into making and serving the winter warmer foodstuffs- and it did seem to go down well!

Finally, a big Thank You to St Peters Sports Club, Neatherseal,  Tucker and the Staff,  Our DJ, and to Gary from the Isle of Wight for donating (as usual) the bottle of JD for the Jack Toss.

Let's do it again, shall we?

...and don't forget the Bosted Bladder Rally April 17th 18th 19th.

Tickets available via this website by Paypal!


Look no further! Go to wazoomuffinresearchutilitykitchen.co.uk  for all your catering  needs. Too much to put down on here! Just click the link!

 Contact info: 

Phone: Tim - (Rally Sec) on 07955177738 

e-mail Tim at jugstersrallysec@yahoo.co.uk

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